Benefits of laptops and tablet PCs

There is a great variety of computers nowadays. Some of them are more popular than others. Do you think that portable computers have benefits over the desktop ones? Can they substitute them all together? Are they able to perform the same functions? What would you prefer yourself?

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  1. alexandrdubrov

    Undoubtedly there are a lot of benefits of tablet PCs over the desk top computers. The first one is that you can surf in the Internet wherever you stay at the moment. You should just have access to the network. Laptops are used instead of desk top PCs by many people. It takes too less space and sometimes gives the same capabilities. Every modern tablet PCs have built-in Wi-Fi technology. So if you have lunch in a cafe you can browse the Internet absolutely free. Also you can watch videos, listen to music, send messages and etc. The next benefit is that portable computers are cheaper than desk top ones. I think that tablet PCs could substitute desk tops computers for everyday life. But it is not good decision for a big manufactures, especially if they request a powerful processor and other PC’s parts. So tablet PCs can’t perform all the desk tops computers’ functions.

    September 19, 2013
  2. yar0slav_k

    Maybe, I don’t understand anything but I recognize just a few advantages of laptops. And everybody knows all these advantages – they are evident! First of all, it’s the mobility. Laptops are not heavy and bulky so you can always take your computer to the trip, work or even to another room of your house (that is very comfortable). You need only a socket to use your device with no trouble but without electricity you can also continue to use it for about 2-4 hours. Secondly (but it’s the consequence of the previous), I agree that laptop is the irreplaceable thing for people who must always have the access to the Internet wherever they are. IMHO that’s all and nothing more.
    Because of portability such computers show significantly lower performance than their “elder brothers”. In industry, companies, servers – everywhere people use only desk computers for serious tasks. Even in entertainment many prefer usual PCs (so do I), for example, to watch a movie in HD quality on large screen. Moreover, laptops are much more expensive than desktop ones although they sometimes are not able to perform several functions. So why must I overpay?
    And I think there are more other DISadvantages of portable computers but it’s off this topic. \(^__^)

    September 20, 2013
  3. yryanoshin

    A modern life calls for mobility and our gadgets help us in this. Today no one can deny the use of laptops and tablet PCs. Their benefits are obvious. First of all, portability. You can use it wherever and wherever you want. They are light, compact, the charging is enough for 3-4 hours, and the connection to the e-net you may get any cafe with wi-fi access. While, with an ordinatory desk top computer you’ll not be able to move free. Through, they’re much more powerfull for complex programms and games. Also, we cannot but admit that in the desk top computer we may vary the stuffing – a hard disk, a mother board, a sound Card, ect.
    The second benefit of laptops and tablet PCs, is their prise. They are cheap and the prise on them falls quickly because of the fast-morning industrial world.
    So, if you’re an office worker or a software designer, I will advice you to buy a desk top computer. And for flexible young people, the advanced eldery and just mobile people. I’d recommend a newfangled laptop or the last Ipad.

    September 22, 2013
  4. nedilkoalina

    I think that list of advantages of a laptop computer may seem sparse when compared to a desktop computer, but the deciding factor is portability. Being able to check email, chat online, write papers and play video games anytime, anywhere may be worth giving up power and functionality. This is particularly true if you use your computer primarily for checking email and search information in the Internet. If this is the case, you likely don’t need all of the functions and the increased power of a desktop computer. I prefer a desktop computer, becouse it have a more comfortable keyboard, much easier to use mouse and have larger monitors. Moreover, a laptop computer is more difficult to fix than a desktop computer cause everything is compact tightly together inside. Essentially, the choice comes down to portability versus functionality and cost. While desktop computers are less expensive, more powerful and more user-friendly, there is a lot to be said for being able to do your homework in a coffee shop and writing term papers on the beach.

    September 22, 2013
  5. maksimsimon

    Yep, segment of mobile devices in the computer market is growing very strongly , and various tablets and smartphones are increasingly becoming part of everyday life.
    Compared to the PC portable devices have one obvious advantage, which was more than once mentioned, this is mobility, take them with you wherever you go .
    And it’s probably the only advantage of portable devices, unless you consider the opportunity to meet with the new system platforms ( Android , IOS , etc.). In all other respects they are very or not inferior to desktop computers .
    First, mobile devices, whatever expensive they are in any case have a much weaker hardware, from which all the others limitations of their work occur.
    You will not be able to work with powerful applications that make large calculations and play modern games .
    Of course media services market for tablets greatly developed , but it is still very far from the computer’s.
    Second, one of their weakness – it is dependent on the battery. Many producers set in its devices very volatile hardware, but the battery may not always provide long-term operation of the device at the time.
    If you just surf the internet, the battery can last for a long time, but once you start doing something else, then the lifetime of your “friend” is greatly reduced .
    Yet in portable devices there is a very well-designed side – this is the ability to access the Internet.
    From this point of view, tablets and smart phones are very useful , because they realized almost all the necessary functionality for browsing and data exchange , as well as there are so many ways of access to the Internet , like the proverbial WI-FI, and access through the SIM card, cable, etc.
    Well, the final chord – the price.
    Here the situation is difficult, there are a lot of devices and the prices are different, and sometimes it is better to take one cool home computer for good money, than to give them for not quite a good tablet.
    In general, it’s already a person’s choise to decides what is better for him)

    September 24, 2013
  6. artur1993

    Today, almost every home has a powerful high-speed computers, including in its structure a system unit, monitor, keyboard. Much less space occupied by laptops, resembling a folding carrying case with a monitor on one side and a keyboard on the other. They are slightly inferior to their “composite” brothers in terms of memory and speed, but there is much more mobile. Laptops are used instead of desk top PCs by many people.The benefit is that portable computers are cheaper than desk top ones.The plates are very comfortable on the road, on the street, at home, not at work. I think that tablet PCs could substitute desk tops computers for everyday life. But it is not good decision for a big manufactures, especially if they request a powerful processor and other PC’s parts.

    September 25, 2013
  7. yuliyakim

    It seems to me that this is a rather controversial issue because the final output depends on what point of view to approach this issue. Of course, a person uses a computer only for access to the network say that the laptop is much better than a desktop. But if you look at it from the point of view of a person engaged in a major activity related to computer technology, I don’t think that the laptop is in this case will fit. In our lives we have both. And one does not interfere.Why are they mutually exclusive though? I do use my laptop a lot for browsing and reading, but it can’t nearly replace my desktop computer.There are some heavy editing stuff which is hardly practical either on my laptop or tablet. They all serve their purpose, but I prefer a laptop. Laptops are now becoming as powerful as desktops and just as portable as tablets.

    September 25, 2013
  8. olegborisenkov

    Doubtless, in recent years laptops have became a worthy substitute
    to desktop PC`s. Among them advantages are size, weight,
    you don`t need electriсity everytime of use. In case of tablet PC`s -
    are extra small size, quite a large battery life. Also you can keep
    in touch everytime with wireless internet connection or mobile internet.
    Moreover tablets have touchscreens, that ables you use this devices without any controllers.
    But sometimes, for instance when you typing, old kind keypad can be efficienty.
    In conclusion I want say, that laptop nowadays is worthy alternative for desktop PC,
    however tablets have fewer abilities.

    September 25, 2013
  9. tima777

    Sometimes users don’t know how make the best choice between PC and laptop. There’re many opinions about it. As for me when I bought my laptop I followed to some pieces of advice.
    Laptop or PC? It depends on your life style. If you’re student or bussinessman you should buy laptop, because it has huge advantages such as size, mobility and autonomous. Laptop is suitable for a long trip, without electricity and gives opportunity “be online” everywhere.
    Hovewer, PC has many points too. For exampie, usually price of PC is smaller than Laptop’s. It’s easier to repair PC than laptop. As a rule, power and technical features of PC are hirher than laptop’s.
    So, you should clearly understand what for you need the device. Although in my opinion portable devices are our future!

    September 25, 2013
  10. albi_shevchenko

    Humanity have many different devices to use it on a various purposes. For some of them we apply a desktop computer. Everyday millions of people use it at work and at home. But when you travel you need something that could be with you everywhere. So there are laptops and tablet Pcs. You can use your portable PC for watching films or to distance work when you in another country. Tablets are very useful for people who lead an active lifestyle or for youth. They could follow the news all the time. There is really significant nowadays.
    So in my opinion the tablets Pcs not the most but very important devices in this digital age.

    September 25, 2013
  11. dashka

    I think that portable computers have many benefits over the desk top ones. Such as portability, transportability, ease.They can substitute them all together, of course. But I think that many people will use desk top PC too. Because desctop computers more suitable to use for business purposes. Also laptops and tablet PCs able to perform the same functions. They allow their users to access to the Internet, digital camera, music player and more. Many portable computers have GPRS-novigator, by which people can save their time on tour.

    October 01, 2013
  12. nikolai_kirilenko

    Besides power, proportions and mobility tablet PC’s and Laptops have many differences.
    First of this it is difference materials. In tablet PC’s mainly use most strong and long-lived materials, such as carbon and steel. And in Laptops use less strong, but most light materials, such as plastic and aluminum, which make it less expensive.
    Also not less important difference coolant system of tablet PC’s and Laptops. Differ principle of operation of it in Laptops (directed by fan, air stream, that freezing heating elements)and tablet PC’s(tablet PC’s not expect coolant system, because it element not expect cooling, owing to small power), also construction of coolant system Laptops have a small fan(in comparison desktop PC’s), and ventiducts through fan of Laptop take away air located from bellow, that allow use Laptops only on hard and clean surface, otherwise cooling is disturbed, but tablet PC’s can be use everywhere.
    In addition tablet PC’s differ from Laptops of complicacy of the repair, because of intricate assembling and small proportions of elements. Whereas the repair of Laptops is not difficulty.

    November 27, 2013
  13. yana_m

    In my opinion , the most important advantage of notebooks and tablet PCs is their portability . Unlike stationary desktops, laptops and tablets can be taken with you anywhere . Laptops mostly have higher productivity than tablet computers , but their size and weight more , but some tablet PC can work longer without recharging. The undoubted advantage of the Tablet PC is a touchscreen, but it is not always convenient. Also , it should be noted , lack or small number of ports on the Tablet PC . In this sense, the laptop wins. In general, notbuki designed more for business and store large amounts of data and programs, and tablet PCs increasingly used for entertainment.

    November 27, 2013
  14. papkamoget

    Laptops and tablets are different. Their functionality is different and so is their utility. There are people who consider a tablet to be the next best invention after wine and cheese, and then there are others who think of it as a frivolous waste of technology. Laptops and tablets may look similar, but are worlds apart. They are two different devices running two different systems.
    A point-to-point comparison may yield no winner as such, but it will at least give you a fair idea of what is similar and different between the two. This will eventually affect your evaluation of your device requirement and your final decision as to what you will be opting for.

    November 27, 2013
  15. geraldvonberger

    I would say that if you’re going the industrial route, a mobile device may not be a good idea for you. Industrial PCs need to have a ton of computing power to handle multiple users and large amounts of data. You’re best off with one of those for your particular situation it seems like.

    October 20, 2014
  16. bryanflake

    I find my self on the go more and more and rarely use my desktop computer. It would be nice to find a computer store that could take a trade for a laptop/tablet at a reduced cost considering the trade. Do computer stores do things like that?

    December 29, 2014
  17. elenasytnikova

    Thank you for the friuitful discussion and sharing your ideas!

    January 14, 2015
  18. octaviobrau48

    Well for me i rarely use my desktop because you know guys that we can’t bring our desktops while traveling, so i think tablets are good because you can bring it anywhere and its very handy and portable. It’s because i often travel so i get the most benefit using my tablet and i got if from this site: Tablet Computers

    March 25, 2015
  19. mony1946

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    June 03, 2016